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Animo young left, gives young people a taste of politics from a socialist perspective. Together with its members Animo seeks to explore the political game, question it and raise awareness about the life and opinions of young people. As a political youth organisation Animo builds a fair, social and democratic society. Street activism lies at the heart of Animo. Campaigning against injustice and for a better and more social future is one of our main goals. Together with more than hundred local branches we meet up for debate, congresses, master classes, and much more. But we look further. Injustice does not stop at national borders. Animo is the youth branch of the Dutch-speaking social democrats in Belgium.


The Federation of Young Socialists (FGS) is a political youth organization federated to the Italian Socialist Party. The Federation refers to the universal values of political democracy, solidarity, peace, dialogue and opposition to all forms of totalitarianism and intolerance. It’s committed to the success of the highest forms of social equality and environmental protection.  The core values that inspire the action of the Federation are those shared by all democratic forces, then, freedom in all its forms, the principle of legality and the rule of law, solidarity and the rejection of war as an instrument of national and international policy, and ultimately the formal equality and substantive. Based on these principles, the Federation carries out its activities


Young Democrats are the official political youth organization of the Italian Democratic Party. The members of our organization share, respect and promote socialist and democratic values, pledging to ensure: freedom and respect for human rights, religious freedom, respect for differences of all kinds, regardless sex and ethnic origin, language, religion, political opinion, sexual orientation, personal and social conditions. Young Democrats are engaged to build up a world social equity oriented, inspired to a development concerned on the environmental conservation and devoted to the principles of representative democracy.


Labour Youth is an independent wing of the Irish labour Party. Members of Labour Youth are introduced to the political system in Ireland and become politically active. In Labour Youth we stand for equality, inclusion and tolerance; we strive to promote our ideals through public meetings, national campaigns and training days.
Issues we currently campaigning on are universal access to third level education, a woman’s right to choose, LGBT rights and improving the gender balance in Irish politics.


The Socialist Youth of Spain is a century-old organization composed of young people who believe in democracy and equality.  We are internationalists and republicans. We fight for the  extension of civil rights and the welfare state, and a progressive socialism. We want young people to be critical and to be able to actively participate as full citizens in the construction of a better society. We count on a new social majority being constructed amongst young people on the ground, which will act as the engine of the social change we seek.


The Joventut Socialista de Catalunya (JSC) is the youth political organization emerged in 1978 from the unitary process of the three youth organizations of democratic socialism emerged during the transition.
The JSC has always been one of the most important youth organizations in Catalonia by number of activists and their ability to influence the society, developing a fight for social justice, equality and self-government of Catalonia, in the framework of a federal Spain.


The Juventude Socialista – Socialist Youth (JS) – is a political organization of young people, aged between 14 and 30 years old, set on the values of democratic socialism and republicanism. JS aims to develop its civic and political intervention in order to create a more democratic, just and cohesive society based on the principles of liberty, equality and fraternity.
JS is the youth organization of the Socialist Party (PS) but enjoys of statutorily full autonomy in organization and policy following, in full acceptance of the Declaration of Principles of the PS.


We are the Jusos. We are the youth organization of the Social Democratic Party of Germany. Our goal is to promote the values of democratic socialism and to represent the interests of our generation. But we do not limit our activities to the party. We rather see our task in forming a link between social democracy as represented by the SPD and civil society that fights for similar ideals. As young socialists, we fight for equal opportunities in our society and for our generation. Our society must not be based on the survival of the fittest but on solidarity. Consequently, full employment, gender equality and social justice are the goals that we focus on.


The Young Socialists’ Mouvement (Mouvement des Jeunes Socialistes) is a political and popular education youth organisation. It includes all young people from 15 to 19 years old who are willing to make the experience of the left in power a success, and the movement is autonomous from the Socialist Party. We build our propositions, elect our representatives and define our actions. We support equality, we fight against all discriminations, for feminism, freedoms, a new repartition of wealth and democracy everywhere power is. We are socialists, therefore we are ecologists. Towards party members we lead the battle of ideas and within society we fight to engage now into a new development model, low in carbon and high in jobs.


The Belgian Youth Socialist Movement constitues, in a independent and democratic structure, the French-speaking socialist youth. The YSM has for goal to lead a fieldwork based from information to education and this for all of its members. Beyond the national border it is active and present in various international progressive structures where it keeps asserting its established in the left-wing speech. It is in favour of right, progressive and egalitarian international relations.


In groups of Socialist Youth of Germany – The Falcons, it’s children and youth who spend their time together and fighting for better policies for all young people. We Falken work for more than 100 years against paternalism, against intolerance and inhumane slogans and policies. We advocate for better democracy, equality and a fundamental change in the existing society. We are aware that only a fundamental change of society can lead to an enforcement of freedom, peace, justice and self-determination for all people. And regarding all the things that we think, dream and hope: we try to ‘live’ them already today.


The Socialist Youth is the biggest leftist youth organisation in Austria. Young people – pupils, young workers and students – are active within the socialist youth, plan political campaigns and activities and organise events and seminars as well as leisure time activities. The Socialist Youth stands for a society in which nobody is discriminated against because of his/her origin, colour, gender or sexual orientation. We oppose an economic system that gives unlimited prosperity to a few and brings unemployment and bitter hardships to millions. We stand for a society in which all people have the same opportunities to develop their abilities and talents, a society which is not led by the interests of the profit but in which human needs takes centre stage. Our aim is a socialist society.

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