Online trading : those scams that sell you big dreams

Dragged inside a dangerous world

Online trading sometimes behind it’s name hides a big scams for people who are desperate, people that don’t have any financial knowledge and experience and that are dragged inside this world that promises miracles but gives only crumbs. Who is not dreaming about huge amount of money, about simple job that will change your life and that is going to make you live your life that you always wanted. But you have to be realistic. We do not live inside a fairy tale and you are not going to became famous and rich like Donald Trump or Rockfeller from one day to another.

No way.

But say that to desperate and poor people who will see Olymp Trade commercial promising you to become rich in a simple with an IQ Option, and who wouldn’t believe that sexy and blonde, innocent girl that swears she is telling the truth. Lot of people blindly believes.


They’re ready to swallow you

When you are poor, desperate and urgently seeking a way to get out of that kind of situation, you take all the things and marketing advertisements as a serious thing. You do not think twice, you just throw yourself in the jaws of a financial beasts that are ready to swallow you like a little fly.

Easy money, big and fast solutions, no risks, 100 % guarantee success. And you go for it. And not only because of your actual and difficult situation, but because people who are doing trading marketing are damn good. They know exactly what to say, they know exactly what you want to see and what words will go straight to your conscience and will make you contact them.

“No experts are needed, no studies are required and they are going to make you a billionaire”


Everything they sell seems perfect, seems simple. Even when you get directed to a web site of a Russia based brand for binary options called Olymp Trade seems like a heaven to you. IQ Option seems a huge fortune to you that everyone and everywhere can reach.


Just stop and think

You really think that easy money and huge fortune exist? That you don’t have to study and you don’t have to have any kind of experience and the others will give you the money.

And you will scream like Jerry McGuire :“ Give me the money!”. No sirs, no reality can give you that, but only films.

Or this kind of advertising materials…



People are able to sell dreams with a great advertisement and you ask yourself why?! Because they are so able that they will take the money from you. They will play the card of poorness and desperate behavior promising you stars and the sky, moon and the sun, and you’re going to believe it like a little baby, you’re going to pay them hoping (being sure) that they’ll give you what they have promised. Oh no.


Thailand case scams of easy money

Case study of online trading in Thailand with Brokers showed that these people get profit of persons without financial knowledge, and all trough aggressive marketing. We all know that Thailand entered the huge recent crisis and most of the people think (or maybe know) that crisis of Thai economy came also from the trade concentration which is an important and relevant factor in amplification of worldwide global crisis.

As affirms John, the owner of moneyonlinethai, about online trading :

“if it seems to easy and impossible, trust your gut because that is what it is exactly”

On line aggressive marketing is the best way to reach people with no need to search them or to explain them the details. They are going to come to you straightly. Brokers that are used to do this kind of scams are very capable and have a lot of experience. They know exactly how to behave in every single moment and when is the best time to do the final act.

Olymp Trade from their home page will promise you 300 dollars of profit every day (nice little slice of pie you’ll think). Reliable and easy to use. Sure. The real scam is that they say that you can invest only 10-15 dollars but right after they trader will contact you saying that you need to invest from 5000 to 10000 dollars if you want to have success, otherwise you gamble your money very easy.

Success is a magic word to attach all kind of people and make you loose all if you don’t even know what are you getting into.


Be careful and be wise

One of the brands founded in 2014 and called Binomo is a prefect example of how can they (not you) succeed by using aggressive and direct kind of marketing.

They force you to sign up by promising easy work, incredible money awards, money gained up to 15 millions placing only 10 dollars. The firm and strong masculine voice will guide you to your better future which is divided from you just by one click. Brokers that will support you 24/7 in different languages.


Whenever you need them they’ll be there. Sure the will be there to take your money.


For your safety you should follow this guidelines:

  • never trust no one, specially not people on line who can present themselves for someone they are not
  • if it looks to easy, it’s because it is impossible. Never trust fairy tales that they sell you in real life
  • if you want money you have to struggle, study and work hard
  • no miracles exist (even though it would be really excellent)
  • do check the things twice, specially if you want to invest money
  • who asks you the money for your job is not an honest person


It all depends on you, but already by reading this article you could understand that scams exist and they do it very often to. Be careful because aggressive marketing exists for one reason, to penetrate inside you and touch your vulnerable points inside you. So be strong and don’t fall into jaws of big beasts.




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