European Youth fully bears the brunt of the economic crisis. We are at the front line facing unemployment, work precariousness, as well as the creeping privatization of our care and welfare systems. We, at first, undergo the expensiveness of accommodation (on the other side the best for most wealthy), and hence the loss of autonomy, our generation being compelled to live by their parents.

This situation is the direct consequence of austerity policies and of the dismantling of our welfare-state, imposed by the conservatives and liberals in Europe, depriving us of our future.

We firmly say that the priority in Europe is the fight against unemployment, the preservation of a high level of welfare and the decrease of greenhouse gas emissions. Democracy and the will of European people must weigh more than decisions of the markets, rating agencies and finance.


As young European socialists, we call the European Council and the European Parliament

to turn their back on austerity and to act immediately in favor of a Europe of employment, ecology and democracy.



  • Tax the rich in order to increase the public income of the states and ensure welfare and education expenses and put an end to the fiscal dumping through a European minimum corporate and high heritage tax levels.
  • Disarming the time bomb youth unemployment by installing an European youth guarantee for all people under 24. Ban on precarious jobs and abolishment of unpaid and low-paid internships and trainings.
  • More and better jobs by reducing working.
  • Invest massively in energy savings and renewable energies in 5 years’ time, in order to create millions of jobs in the ecological transition.
  • Protect the workers of Europe through a European minimum wage and compulsory measures in favor of women-men wage equality.
  • Ensure the independence of the States towards finance by allowing the European Central Bank to lend to them directly instead of uselessly enriching private banks on the back of the people.
  • Introduce a 0,1% financial transaction tax in order to enclose international finance and lift up the European budget so as to fight unemployment through a public works policy.
  • Make the EU democratic by putting on an equal footing the European Parliament, the only institution directly elected by the European People, and the States.

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