Génération de la crise : levez – vous contre les banquiers et les traders (english version)

We are all Europeans. And we want to change Europe! And you can help us. Sign the petition, share our fanpage and website and above all: Take the streets! Here you can find some ideas for media stunts and grassroot actions.

Please send us pictures of the actions and show other political activists what´s possible.



1) Flashmob “Rise up!”

 Have you seen our mobilization video? Just do it in your city. Arrange a flashmob on the market place of your city. You all hang around the place, sitting on benches, on the floor at in the café. At a certain point one person starts to shout “Rise up!” and stands up. The second person on the other side of the city shouts afterwards. You go on until all of you shout “Rise up!” like a big political chorus. After 2 minutes everyone stops immediately and sits down again.

The irritation and attention will be big – so don´t forget to spread our petition flyer at the end.


What you need: Just enough people, flyers and a video camera



2) Ladders all over the world

Austerity takes the youth the chances to develop, to get jobs and to be part of a good education system. A moving up in the career ladder is not possible. So show it to all the people! Ask all your friends to join a protest with ladders. Each one with a big sign on it: Moving up only for people over 40! During that you inform all interested people about our campaign and collect signatures.

What you need: Flyers and ladders, cartons and big pens for the signs




3) The youth is hanging around

We all know the stereotypes: The youth is just hanging around. They shouldn´t complain because life is easier than in the old days. Of course this is not right! But use this prejudice. Span washing lines all over the market place and collect all the signed flyers on it. More people will come to you and ask about the action. If they see all the signatures the barrier for joining is lower.


What you need: washing lines and clothes-pegs, flyers


4) Rise up to the top!

You have a small hill in your town? Or even a real mountain in your area? Occupy it while flying a flag! Just organize a team of activists looking like a real hiking group and paint a “Rise up” flag before. You can also go on towers, town halls and others roofs. During the hiking spread our flyers and collect signatures for our petition. On top of the mountain / hill wave the flag and dig it there. Don´t forget to send us pictures J

What you need: A self-made “Rise up” flag, flyers



5) Rise of the youth team

You all have your favorite sports team in your region. May it be football, basketball or any other sport – there is nothing better then a rise to the higher league. So let´s celebrate – the win of the youth. Organize a big open air party. With a cup, all wearing the same scarf and loud music. You can even show videos from youth protests from all over Europe. It´s your big moving up party. You can even do a parade through the city. During that you can explain a lot of people our campaign goals and find supporters.

What you need: Invitations / Advertising, music, scarfs (can be out of paper for that one night), a self made (paper) trophy for the award ceremony, drinks; maybe computer, beamer and internet for videos




6) Puppet Theater

The conservatives and liberals take our chances for a good life. They take decisions about a austerity politics and take us our air to breath. But we can change it! And start with a puppet theatre. We are the directors of the play and let Merkel and Co. be our marionettes. Show your performance in the city centre, a youth club or a school. You will definitely find more people who would like to hold the strings of the marionettes.


What you need: Some costumes, paper masks of Merkel and other conservative leaders in Europe, a lot of string that you put at the hands and feet of the puppets, a chair, ladder or stage for the play to move the marionettes




7) Shoot the conservatives to the moon

You want to get rid of all the conservative leaders in Europe? Organize a big moon happening. You need a lot of balloons, helium, glue and many pictures of Merkel, Rajoy and Co. Every person who wants to design a balloon and start it has to sign our petition. At a certain point you start the countdown and let them all fly.


What you need: balloons, helium, glue and many pictures of conservative leaders


8) Adbusting against the conservatives

 Is there an election in your region with conservative candidates? Or public advertising for an event of them? Use this for adbusting – the alienating, pasting over and trivialization of it. Just stick another slogan on it like “But X would prefer to sign www.iriseup.eu”


What you need: Print out slogans and logos, paste – be careful! In some states it´s illegal. If so, please don´t use the website but just another slogan.


9) Trampolines & Jumping shoes

Trampolines are everywhere – in the private gardens, on playgrounds and fun fairs. If there is a school party or city festival build up a trampoline. Everyone who wants to jump has to sign our petition. You can even start a photo competition that day. Every person who is jumping has to do the rise up fist. Take photos of it – the best will win a prize. If you want to advertise your action you can borrow jumping shoes in your sports shop and jump around the festival – the best chance to raise the awareness of your action.


What you need: Trampolines, flyers, ladder and camera for taking pictures, if you want jumping shoes


10) Smash the piggy bank

The conservatives say states need to save money in order to restore their public budgets. In reality, austerity makes things worse and destroys our future. Let’s fight back! Destroy austerity, destroy the piggy bank! Use a public square to butcher the self-made piggy bank! Deposit nice things in there, which appear after breaking the pig it into pieces: baloons, candy,  rise up postcards. Explain your stunt with a banner or pin board picture.


What you need: Piggy bank, hammer, banner, rise up Postcards