Creating jobs and building a greener, social Europe
democracy and financials
The questions of the content of economic policies as regards employment and a fairer distribution of wealth must be addressed by European democracies. It is unacceptable to be forced to buy washing machines produced on the other side of the planet when so many industrial jobs have been lost in Europe. In order to fight unemployment, Europe must transform our economies, fight for the reindustrialization of the continent, and promote shorter distances between the consumer and the producer.
Harnessing the financial system to put democracy back at the heart of Europe
democracy and financials
The break between technocrats and peoples bears a real risk for European democracy. Those responsible for the crisis, have seen their past employees take over positions of power in Europe, for instance Mario Draghi as director of the European Central Bank, Mario Monti as Italian Prime Minister or Petros Christodoulos as manager of the Greek sovereign debt.
rise up
European Youth fully bears the brunt of the economic crisis. We are at the front line facing unemployment, work precariousness, as well as the creeping privatization of our care and welfare systems. We, at first, undergo the expensiveness of accommodation (on the other side the best for most wealthy), and hence the loss of autonomy, our generation being compelled to live by their parents.